Well hello there. We're glad you could stop by. Figured we should tell you a bit about ourselves, where the whole "Plantboy" thing came from, and why we started Rooted.

We're three regular guys on a mission to reconnect people with nature, one houseplant at a time. We're doing this because we firmly believe in the positive mental, emotional and physical health benefits associated with having greenery in your space.

That's us. Three regular guys.

We started selling plants out of our Brooklyn apartment in the dead of winter (February 2018 to be exact). Genius timing, right? We threw plant pop-up parties to educate friends and acquaintances about plants and how to care for them. It was around this time when people started calling us "The Plantboys" and the nickname's stuck with us since. 

Our apartment + plants.

In May 2018, we opened our first retail location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It's an old warehouse with mint green paint peeling from the wall, strange barrels of unknown liquids, and a whole lot of character. It's beautiful. It's where all of your plants are cared for, danced with, sung to, packaged, and shipped from. 

 Strange barrels of liquid not pictured.

Fast-forward to today, where we now have an online store to ship beautiful, pre-potted houseplants straight to your door. It's been a wild journey but we're only getting started. Thanks for supporting us. We'll probably make some mistakes along the way, but we'll apologize profusely and learn from them. 

We promise to put our customers first and continuously work towards our mission. Together, a greener and healthier world is possible. Rooted stands for irreverence, generosity, and innovation—whether you buy from us, work with us or meet us, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. If you'd like to chat or simply hang, drop us a message (hello@rooted.nyc) or swing by our shop!