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It’s why we started Rooted. To share all the joys and benefits of having greenery in your space. We want to help you get your hands dirty, teach you how to care for them, and have your space looking amazing.

14-day Guarantee

Rooted Guarantee

We guarantee a healthy plant upon arrival. If your plant is damaged or doesn't make it past 14 days, we'll send you a new plant no questions asked. Just send us a few photos at wtf@rooted.nyc and we'll get you sorted.

Plant of the Month

Alocasia Morocco - Rooted NYC

Alocasia Morocco

Alocasia morocco

The Alocasia morocco is a cousin of the Alocasia amazonica and has much rounder leaves and colorful pink-purplish stalks. Easy-growing and approachable, maybe ask it on a date?

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