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Dumb Cane 

Daphne is quite misunderstood. People think that she's dumb due to her name, but she actually gets her name for leaving people temporarily speechless when her stem is chewed on. She swept the nation by storm in the 1800's and has been America's favorite houseplant ever since. Daphne is easy to grow and loved for her vibrantly contrasted leaves and tall, shrubby growth.

Sunlight:Low to bright indirect light. Direct light will scald her leaves.

Water:Once a week. Soil can stay slightly moist.

Pets:Highly toxic.

Grows:Grows slowly, making her a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

Gifts:Easy and beautiful, makes for a perfect gift.

Pro-tip: She's quite sensitive to cold temperatures. If your room is on the chillier side, consider a humidifier instead of misting her leaves.


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