Red Nerve Plant
Fittonia verschaffeltii

Hailing from Perú, this tropical beauty loves high humidity, warmth, and lots of light. Tanya flaunts beautiful dark green foliage with a striking contrast of red or pink veins. If that isn't colorful enough for you, it gets better. Tanya will produce little yellow flowers when given the proper care. She's easy to maintain and brings vibrancy to any space. While you're here, check out her brother Toni

Sunlight:Bright indirect light.

Water:Once a week when soil is nearly dry 2" down.

Pets:Loves pets.

Newbies:Great for beginners and growing that green thumb.

Gifts:Beautiful and easy makes for a lovely gift.

Pro-tip: Tanya can be a little bit dramatic when she's thirsty. If you ever notice her looking really droopy and sad, she's just throwing a tantrum. Water her thoroughly and watch her perk up within a few hours. This transformation makes for an awesome time-lapse.


Small: About 2 inches tall with a container width of 4 inches.

Sizes will vary.

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