Snake Plant

Sansevieria laurentii

AKA Mother-in-Law's Tongue. Probably for its sharp leaves. Or maybe because it's always asking when you're having kids.

This plant ships in a nursery container. See it potted here


Yep, even a neglectful, black thumb like yours will manage to keep this one alive.

Purifies Air

Technically all plants purify the air. This one is just really, really good at it.

Any Indirect Light

This plant is versatile AF and can grow in any indirect light situation.

The Sansevieria is African in origin and has characteristics of both the tropics and the desert. Its leathery leaves contain strong fibers that are still used by various African tribes to make rope and string.

The snake plant is a great plant for beginners and travelers. They do well in any indirect light situation and tolerate neglect.

That's not all—NASA declared snake plants as one of the best for removing toxins in your air. It removes byproduct from leather and rubber goods, exhaust, and cigarette smoke. This plant is not so friendly for pets.

Size will vary, but total height is about 14 inches and container width is 4 inches.

Snake plants can be left during long trips without tending to. We recommend watering every two - three weeks.

A yearly spring/summer repot will help encourage new growth.

How to not kill me


Water every two to three weeks

One may even call it neglect, but hey, they like what they like. Snake plants are great at rationing water and therefore aren't as high maintenance as your other plants.


Low to Bright Indirect

Almost as adaptable and versatile as Bill Murray, this plant can handle most indoor lighting situations, but definitely prefers it to be on the brighter side. It can even take direct sunlight. Take that Bill.


Indifferent, like our boy Zeus

Whether you go above and beyond or underperform on maintaining moisture in the air, it won't really care.