Falco, Hanging


Neon Philodendron
Philodendron cordatum

Like his cousin Pelé, Falco was born in South America. He's bold, bright, and beautiful. If you consider yourself a so-called "black thumb" yet want to make a statement, then Falco is a great option for you.

Sunlight:Medium to bright indirect light. Direct light can burn his leaves.

Water:Water around once a week.

Pets:Toxic to pets if ingested.

Grows:Has vines that can trail down or climb up


Newbies:Forgiving and low maintenance—a perfect fit for new plant parents.

Pro-tip: Philodendrons are extremely easy to propagate and share with friends. Simply cut off a piece of the vine anywhere from 6″ to 12″ long, strip off the lower leaves, and place it in a glass full of water. Renew water every other day.

A natural climber in the tropics of Latin America, the Philodendron cordatum is an indoor favorite with heart-shaped leaves and a trailing growth style.

This Philodendron thrives in medium to bright, indirect light and high humidity—conditions that mimic its natural habitat. Water it weekly, sit back and watch it thrive.

Hanging basket: Exactly 12 inches from the top of the hook to the soil and a container width of 5 inches.

Foliage length will vary.

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