Howie, Hanging


Hoya Tricolor
Hoya carnosa variegata

Howie is an epiphytic succulent, which means he likes to climb all over the place and attach himself to others. He's known to bloom beautiful star-shaped flowers in the summer as long as he has good roommates (ahem). 

Sunlight:Bright, indirect sunlight with some direct exposure is ideal.

Water:Once every two weeks, or when soil is dry.

Pets:Super safe for pets.

Travel:That two week trek through Mongolia is in the cards.

Indestructible:Virtually indestructible and easy to grow.

Pro-tip: You can teach your hoya how to "climb" by tying it to or looping it gently around a nearby surface or object.


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There are over 200 species of hoyas in the world, each with their own unique shapes and colors. In the wild, Hoyas can grow and vine out up to 20′ long. They climb up pretty much anything and are trainable.

Medium: Around 8 inches tall with a container width of 6 inches.

Size will vary.

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