Flapjack Plant
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Flora flaunts flat, fleshy leaves with a bold red rim. She's super laid back, drought-friendly, and needs minimal attention. Hailing from South Africa, she prefers warm temperatures and moderate humidity. If you have southern or western exposure, this is the one.

Sunlight:Bright indirect or direct light.

Water:Once every 3-4 weeks. Allow soil to remain dry.

Pets:Mildly toxic to pets.


Travel:Good for jet setters.

Indestructible:Can't kill this one if you tried.


Pro-tip: Turning green? Give Flora more sunlight to increase the vibrancy and presence of red around her leaf edges.


Small: Around 4 inches tall with a container width of 4 inches.

Foliage sizes will vary.

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