Bird's Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus
Bird's nest ferns are one of the easiest ferns to grow and is adaptable to medium and low light situations.

Low Maintenance

A ten day surf trip to Bali is still in the cards. Water before leaving and you're jet set.

Purifies Air

Technically all plants purify the air. This one is just really, really good at it.

Pet Friendly

If Spike were to eat your plant, he'd be totally fine. Your heart? Not so much.

The bird's nest fern is from tropical areas like Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia, and Eastern Africa.

If you look down into its center, you see can how the fuzzy rosette and new egg-shaped fronds give the plant its name. Keep it away from direct sunlight and mist to keep it happy. A windowed bathroom is an ideal location for the bird's nest fern.

P.S. the more light this plant gets, the more crinkly and wavy its new fronds will grow. 

Size will vary, but total height is about one foot and planter width is 6 inches.

How to not kill me


Water once a week

If that's too hard then we suggest getting a pet rock. Ferns like to be slightly damp, but not wet so always finger your plant before watering.


Low to Bright Indirect

Almost as adaptable and versatile as Bill Murray, this plant can handle most indoor lighting situations, but definitely prefers it to be on the brighter side. It should never be exposed to direct light.


Slays in high humidity

It comes from the tropics so mist it frequently with a spray bottle, or use a humidifier to amp up the moisture in your space. It'll thank you by looking good and staying alive.