Prick Collection


Assorted Cacti

Believe it or not, you'll love this group of pricks. They reduce the radiation and bacteria in your air at night. During the day, they just want to be left to their sunbathing. They don't want to be loved or touched very often because their work is very taxing. The pricks won't all look the same, but you'll always get a group of four.

Sunlight:Bright direct light.

Water:Once every three weeks. Allow soil to remain dry.

Pets:Harmful and toxic to pets.

Low Maintenance:Lower maintenance than your Netflix subscription.

Travel:Good for jet setters.

Pro-tip: Use a well draining soil and make sure your pot has a drainage hole to avoid rot.


Plants are assorted and subject to change. Generally, these cacti will be about 6 inches tall with a container width of 4 inches.

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