Hedgehog Aloe

Aloe humilis
Aloe Vera's better looking cousin. While its shoots aren't as juicy or regenerative, you can still apply them to any wound.


Yep, even a neglectful, black thumb like yours will manage to keep this one alive.

Direct Light

This plant will be able to live it's best life in bright, direct light.

Purifies Air

Technically all plants purify the air. This one is just really, really good at it.

A great plant for beginners and neglectful owners. Like most aloes, the hedgehog grows best in full sun, requires well-draining soil, and only needs water once every 2-3 weeks. 

With proper nutrients and care, this aloe may even bloom some fiery red flowers. Although not usually fatal, they are considered toxic to pets.

Size will vary, but total height is about 13 inches and planter width is 6 inches.

How to not kill me


Water every two to three weeks

One may even call it neglect, but hey, they like what they like. Aloes are great at rationing water and therefore aren't as high maintenance as your other plants.


Direct Sun.

Have at it you great big ball of fire 92.96 million miles away, do your worst. Native to desert climates, the aloe will gladly take as much direct sunlight as it can get.


Think Mojave Desert.

Or the desert room at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Aloes grow in arid environments naturally, so normal to dry humidity is totally fine.