Alberta Spruce

Picea glauca
Perfect for those that want to spruce up their holiday season, but unfortunately live in a shoebox. Also great as a gift.

It's Gifting Szn

Bet your friends have never received an adorable, pre-potted, live coniferous tree before. Plus, don't cut trees—let's grow them.

Moisture Tolerant

This plant would rather be moist than not. So heavy pours are fine, both here and with your holiday drinks.

Pet Friendly

If Spike were to eat your plant, he'd be totally fine. Your heart? Not so much.

The Alberta Spruce is native to the northern temperate and boreal forests in the United States.

In the wild these trees usually grow to about 60-80 feet tall, and some even up to 140 feet. In cold environments, this species is usually one of the first plants to pop up after glaciers recede. Spruces are also incredibly important for commercial purposes, as they are used for houses, wood fiber and in musical instruments.

Once the holiday season is finished, this plant should be moved into a cooler environment so they receive the proper amount of vernalization, which is just fancy speak for enough cold they require to mimic their natural environment. This can be done by placing them outside, on a balcony, or in another space that has a window that isn't near a heat source.

Size will vary, but total height is about a foot and a half and planter width is 6 inches.

How to not kill me


Water once a week

Like you during the holidays, this one likes to drink. Make sure to fully drench the soil once it gets dry.


Bright and Indirect

Think bright, dappled light that streams through the classiest of sheer JC Penney curtains. The brighter the better, but direct sunlight will burn its leaves. Let's not do that.


Indifferent, like our boy Zeus

Whether you go above and beyond or underperform on maintaining moisture in the air, it won't really care.