"Ming Thing" Cactus
Cereus forbesii monstrose

Is a ming really a thing? What is a ming thing? Looks more like broccoli to us, or Brock for short. He's low maintenance, drought-friendly, and thrives in bright or direct light. If you have southern or western exposure and are looking for something hardy, this is the one.

Sunlight:Bright indirect or direct light.

Water:Infrequently, about once every 2-3 weeks. Soil needs to dry quickly.

Pets:Perfectly fine if ingested, but it does have needles.

Newbies:Rare plant alert!

Easy:Lower maintenance than your HBO subscription.

Pro-tip: Make sure to plant this one in a planter that has drainage as all cacti can be prone to root rot. When thinking of optimal conditions, just remember the desert environments in which these naturally grow.

The cereus forbesii monstrose (monster) exhibits naturally occurring mutant growth, in the form of its blue-green clumped nodes. If you're lucky, they can bloom large white or pink flowers in the Spring and Summer.

Like other cacti, keep these guys in bright or direct light situations and water infrequently. Make sure to use well-draining potting soil.

Around 8 inches tall and a container width of 4 inches.

Sizes will vary.

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