ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Handsome, tough and easy—you can have it all. The ZZ will stick with you through thick and thin (and neglect).

This plant ships in a nursery container. See it potted here


Yep, even a neglectful, black thumb like yours will manage to keep this one alive.

Low Light

For those of you that need to place a plant on that shelf, in that dark corner.

Low Maintenance

A ten day surf trip to Bali is still in the cards. Water before leaving and you're jet set.

Prized for its glossy leaves, the ZZ plant has evolved to tolerate the severe conditions of its native Southern Africa. An ancient plant that has seen extreme changes in climate over time, it’s notoriously adaptable indoors and stores water in its bulb-like rhizomes.

That said, the ZZ isn’t a succulent and falling leaves are a sign that it’s lacking water. Give it a good shower every couple of weeks and you’re good to go.

Size will vary, but total height is about 14 inches and container width is 4 inches.

How to not kill me


Water every two to three weeks

One may even call it neglect, but hey, they like what they like. ZZs are great at rationing water and therefore aren't as high maintenance as your other plants.


Low to Bright Indirect

Almost as adaptable and versatile as Bill Murray, this plant can handle most indoor lighting situations, but definitely prefers it to be on the brighter side. It should never be exposed to direct light.


Indifferent, like our boy Zeus

Whether you go above and beyond or underperform on maintaining moisture in the air, it won't really care.