Ficus Ginseng
Ficus microcarpa 

Ginny adds a mystical feel to any room. She is very popular in the Bonsai community because of the ability to keep her growing small, never reaching her full potential of 40 feet. She has glossy dark green leaves and a curvy trunk that looks a whole lot like ginseng roots. Her aerial roots give her a striking resemblance to a Banyan tree.

Sunlight:Bright, indirect light.

Water:Once a week, or when soil is dry 2" down.

Pets:Toxic to pets.

Humidity:The higher the humidity the better.

Low Maintenance:Makes a statement.

Pro-tip: Keep Ginny away from drafty windows. She will drop leaves if temperatures are below 60 degrees.


Only 2 left!

Small: Around 14" tall, with foliage 12" wide, and a container of 4 inches.

Sizes will vary.

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