Chinese Money Plant
Pilea peperomioides

She's beautiful, low-maintenance, and extremely easy-growing. Pileas are extremely easy to propagate and share with friends. Simply cut the new leaves off with a clean knife at the base of their stem and stick them into some fresh soil.

Sunlight:Bright and indirect light.

Water:Once a week when soil is nearly dry 2" down.

Pets:Loves pets.

Newbies:Great for beginners and growing that green thumb.

Gifts:Easy propagation makes her a gift that keeps on giving.

Pro-tip: Rotate 180 degrees after every watering and the leaves will grow out balanced and symmetrical.


The Chinese Money Plant, unlike other plants, is true to its name as it is native to China's Yunnan Province.

This plant quickly produces new pups that are easy to propagate. Simply cut them off with a clean knife and stick them into moist soil. They can also be placed in water prior to planting—just make sure the roots get to grow at least a half inch long.

Pileas grow best in bright, indirect light and should be rotated once a week to prevent a slanted stem. If leaf curling occurs, the plant may be getting too much direct light and should be pulled back.

Size will vary, but total height is about 8 inches and container width is 4 inches.

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