Aloe Vera
Aloe vera

Veronica is a wildly successful and critically-acclaimed plantress. She's been featured in multiple globally-recognized films such as Mad MaxIndiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Dune for her ability to act in blistering heat and full sun with hardly any water for weeks on end. Her juicy leaves contain a gel-like substance that contains numerous beneficial compounds for all sorts of ailments, most notably sunburn. 

Sunlight:Bright and direct light.

Water:Once every 2-3 weeks and likes to dry out completely.

Pets:Mildly toxic to pets.

Travel:Month-long meditation trip? Count this one in.

Easy:So low maintenance it's borderline neglect.

Pro-tip: The more full sun she gets, the better her chance of blooming beautiful, fiery red flowers.


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A great plant for beginners and neglectful owners. Aloes grow best in full sun, require well-draining soil, and only need water once every 2-3 weeks. 

With proper nutrients and care, this aloe may even bloom some fiery red flowers. Although not usually fatal, they are considered toxic to pets.

Around 11 inches tall with a container width of 4 inches.

Sizes will vary.

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