Bird's Nest Fern
Asplenium nidus

Fernie, most notable for being part of The Green-Eyed Trees and her hit single Fernalicious, is easy-growing, adaptable to low light, and one hell of a rapper. 

Sunlight:Low to bright indirect light. Direct light will bleach her leaves.

Water:Water once a week. Soil can stay slightly moist.

Pets:So friendly.

Newbies:Forgiving and low maintenance—a perfect fit for new plant parents.

Indestructible:She's a survivor, for those of you with black thumbs.

Pro-tip: A bathroom with good light is perfect as they're higher in humidity than most other places in the home.


The bird's nest fern is from tropical areas like Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia, and Eastern Africa.

If you look down into its center, you see can how the fuzzy rosette and new egg-shaped fronds give the plant its name. Keep it away from direct sunlight and mist to keep it happy. A windowed bathroom is an ideal location for the bird's nest fern.

P.S. the more light this plant gets, the more crinkly and wavy its new fronds will grow. 

Small: Around 10 inches tall, with foliage 12 inches wide, and a container width of 4 inches.

Medium: Around 14 inches tall, with foliage 18 inches wide, and a container width of 6 inches.

Sizes will vary.

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