Plantboy Protips Vol. I & II

We can't teach you how to revive a plant from the dead (yet), but we can teach you a few tricks that will help elude death itself! And as always, text us if you need additional help at (646) 430-8699.

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Garrymeelf May 19, 2020

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Shaunsharp March 31, 2020

Just received my plants! I’m so happy I decided to order from you guys. My plants are beautiful and healthy. This was my first time ordering plants online and I am very pleased. Customer for life.

Tasha November 14, 2019

I just bought a smattering of pet-friendly plants from your site and they were delivered today! The plants are BEAUTIFUL and in such wonderful condition. My two cats are already attempting to snack on them, which is fine, because of pet-safe plants. I wanted to compliment your team on the packaging. All the plants were wonderfully packaged and arrived safely, neatly, cleanly, were all easy to unpack, and had a minimal amount of packing material. I can’t wait to order from you again. Please expand the pet-friendly collection if you find some big leafy things.

A new fan,


Jo Tran November 12, 2019

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